A-Plus EFT Processing helps you to achieve an automated, faster and securer payment process.

Automate the creation of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) files for your bank, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and security. Eliminate expensive paper cheques and avoid duplicate data entry for a quick ROI. Integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One.

The Solution

EFT File Creation

  1. Creates EFT Payment and Direct Debit files in the format required by your bank.
  2. Makes use of SAP Business One routines.
  3. Hundreds of bank formats supported, others created on request.
  4. Also supports Positive Pay file formats.


EFT Bank Details

  1. Holds bank details for Vendors.
  2. Warns if duplicate Vendor EFT bank details are entered.
  3. Supports user-definable screen labels to reflect bank terminology.


Remittance Advices

  1. Email Remittance Advices using SAP Business One functionality.
  2. Send them to EFT-specific Vendor email addresses.
  3. Configure to work with posted or unposted batches.

Security Features

  1. 2-step approval process for changes to EFT bank account details.
  2. Option to encrypt bank details and only display a masked version.
  3. Optional password protection of emailed Remittance Advices.
  4. Extensive audit logging of changes and transactions.
  5. Supports multiple secure hashing algorithms.
  6. Deletion of inactive EFT details.

Additional Features

  1. Creates EFT Payment and Direct Debit files using SAP Business One AP Payment.
  2. Define an EFT Clearing bank a/c to simplify AP reconciliation.