A-Plus Company Profile

A-Plus Software Ltd. was founded on 2009 in Hong Kong. We specialize in providing reliable and cost-effective ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) solutions to our customers. We have a set of values understand customers'requirements and provide superior yet simple value-adding solutions. We care for our customers, our staff and our team relationship.

We believe in Automation Made Simple as our solutions approach. Beyond the usual question and answer implementation service, we truly listen to our customer requirements and provide long term solutions which automate the business process in simple and explicit ways.

Sage ERP ACCPAC is an easy-to-use business and operation management solution for business ranging in size from 10 to several hundred employees. It allows an immediate and complete view of business operations covering accounting, reporting, logistics and customer relationship management. The average implementation duration is from 1 to 2 months. A-Plus adopts Customer Orientation implementation methodology which takes into account end users and business requirements, resources management, simplified business processes and software operation.

Sage is a world leader in business solutions. They build the best ERP solutions for business now and in the future with highly customizable on-site hardware and software. Sage ERP ACCPAC delivers comprehensive, seamlessly integrated end-to-end business management applications and full scalability for a low TCO and high ROI.

A-Plus is a Sage ERP ACCPAC and CRM certified business partner. We have maintained a good record of providing successful ACCPAC implementation services to our customers. Besides providing the ACCPAC business software, our team has the expertise to provide value-adding services for business processes consultancy, system analysis and industry-specific solutions.